I have been meaning to do this for AGES!  I get calls and emails all the time about having issues or questions about newspaper deliveries or renewals.  Unfortunately, most of the time I can't really help since I don't technically work for the paper.  I simply process your orders.  Once they are turned in, they are out of my hands.  However, I understand the frustration that can come if your papers aren't delivered properly (we NEED our coupons dang it!), or you have issues upon renewal.  After some research, I found that the RJ online is SO easy and a great way to ease those frustrations. Below is a little tutorial on how to register online and manage your account. I really hope this helps! Thanks!!
(p.s. if you click on the images below you can enlarge them)

Step #1 - Go to http://www.lvrj.com/ and click on the link at the to of the page that reads "Subscribe or Manage your account"

Step #2 - Click to Register

Step #3 - Locate your account by entering in 2 pieces of information. You don't even need your account number! Just try your phone number and/or house number and/or zip and/or last name. Any 2 will do. Then enter your email address and create a password. Super easy!!

Step #4 - Managing your account. When all your info pulls up you should have 2 accounts. The first is your account if you already had one before adding more Sunday papers. If you signed up at a class, this is your $37 account. The next account is for your additional Sunday Only papers at $20 each.

Now, the cool part!! On the left side (circled in red) are some really neat options.

Vacation holds - remember how the paper doesn't have coupons on holidays? Just click on that tab and set your delivery date you want for the hold (the next one will be July 4th). SUPER simple, right?!

Service Issues - You can send them a note if your paper came delivered wet, late, or was missing the coupon inserts or heaven forbid they delivered the wrong amount of papers. You can even send a message to the carrier. So handy - and I am pretty sure this is a new option.

I sure hope this helps! Happy Couponing everyone!!


Please call RJ Customer Service directly @ 383-0400

Serious couponers in any city use the coupons from their Sunday newspaper that have been published there for years and years. In Las Vegas, our coupons are found in the Review Journal. Because I sell subscriptions at my classes, I get questions about renewals, delivery issues, and how to order more. Hopefully this post will answer those questions.

What kind of subscription does Grocery Smarts offer?
At my classes, I sell subscriptions to "Sunday Only" delivery papers. You can get the subscription at a super discounted rate. However, the Review Journal limits delivery to a maximum of 5 papers per residential address. My number is 303-0171 if you have questions about our rates or want to order over the phone.

When I order a paper from you, how long will it take to start?
It usually takes two Sundays for your delivery to begin.

Who do I call if my delivery is wrong?
The best way to get your delivery corrected is to call the RJ Customer Service at 383-0400 on Sunday morning as soon as you realize your delivery is wrong.  By requesting delivery of any missing papers on Monday's route, you'll save the delivery person from being charged or fined.  And we want them to love us! They are paid per paper they deliver, so they are paid well to deliver multiple papers to one address.

One of my papers did not have the Smart Source insert. What do I do?
Call the RJ Customer Service at 383-0400 and explain that your newspaper was not complete and tell them what is missing. They will know that your newspapers are Grocery Smarts subscriptions from the information on your account and know that we are getting multiple papers exclusively for the coupons and will have another newspaper delivered. You can also request Monday delivery to keep the delivery person from being charged or fined.

When I renew will the rates be the same?
Yes. If you set up your papers with any Grocery Smarts Instructor, those rates should be the same when you renew. The RJ knows we are getting our multiple papers for the coupons which means they know if they increase the rate many (if not most) would cancel. However, if your original paper was converted to a daily subscription as a "courtesy" of the RJ and you kept it, your renewal rate would reflect the current going rate for a daily paper delivery.

I don't understand my renewal notice, can you help?
There are a few things that are helpful to know when looking at your statement. First . . . because the papers you ordered from us (or your existing Grocery Smarts subscription) is a different rate than the discounted "multiple" or additional papers, they are set up on 2 separate accounts. Both are set up in your name, at your street address . . . they just have different account numbers because they are set up with differing rates. So, when renewal time comes around, you should be watching for two separate statements if you are getting more than one paper delivered. If you do not get two notices, you need to call the RJ directly to inquire. Mistakenly, some Grocery Smarts subscribers only pay the first invoice they receive (ignoring the other one thinking they already paid it), then the other papers stop coming. Call me and I can help you get your account restored if you are having any problems.

If you ordered your papers then at a later point added more, you will be issued yet another account number for the papers purchased at a different time. They have to do it this way. Since we are pre-paying for our papers for a specific amount of time, anything set up after your original purchase may fall into a different billing cycle. It's kind of a pain, but if you know and understand how it works, it makes it easier to follow and you know what to be watching for.

I let my subscription expire for a while, but I'm ready to start again. How can I get Grocery Smarts rates?
If your account has lapsed for 30 days or more, you can call me (303-0171) and I'd be happy to get you set up again!

Is the cost of my subscriptions really worth it?
For me . . . absolutely! I spend $12.83 a month for my 5 newspapers and from my average savings of $400 to $500, over $100 of my savings comes straight from using my multiple sets of coupons. I've been getting my papers for nearly 18 months and have recouped every penny (times 10)! At my classes, I openly tell attendees that if they use the website, focus on 4 and 5 star items, purchase the right amount for their family and have the right number of coupons equal to the number of consumers in their home . . . they will pay for their subscription in only 2 trips to the store. If not, something went wrong and they need to call me so I can personally help!

Why does Grocery Smarts sell newspapers?
Did you ever wonder why the Grocery Smarts website is FREE and why you don't have to register or provide personal information to use it? Did you ever wonder who puts it all together, who manages the website, who makes the lists, who indexes all the coupons and who finds all the online printable coupons? Did you ever wonder how I am paid to teach classes and help you get started?

It's actually quite simple. I earn a commission for all the newspapers I sell and that is how Grocery Smarts operates, that's how our instructors are paid, that's how the AWESOME gals who make our shopping lists each week are paid and that's how the company is able to afford to keep the website free for everyone to use. Other similar websites offer shopping lists and coupon match-ups -- but they charge a monthly membership fee to support their business and pay their employees. As long as we continue selling papers and teaching classes, the website will always remain free for everyone to use! And, let's be real, if you are going to use the website the way it's intended (which is to use multiple coupons to stock up on sale items) you'd need Sunday newspapers anyway. So, this way you get a free website to use and get a KILLER discount on a Sunday newspaper. I love how this concept works, love this company and am so proud to be a part of it.