Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last Taste of Summer?

Ribs are on sale at Smiths this week. It's not a fantastic price, but enough that I will still have a pretty decent savings. I'm planning some ribs for our family dinner tomorrow night. It's always been a family favorite -- especially for my boys. I thought I would make some cole slaw and maybe some baked potatoes, some corn. A splurge like this can be justified when I'm consistently saving so much on my groceries. And besides, it feels like the last days of summer. When the weather starts to change, my cooking habits seem to follow pretty closely behind. This will probably be my last 'summer dinner' this year. You might want to check out this easy bbq ribs recipe at

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Sale Is a Sale Is a Sale

A sale is a sale is a sale, right? Maybe not. The level of excitement I feel when using my Grocery Smarts coupons is dependent on what I need at the time. I'm happiest when I've purchased exactly what I needed and saved mega bucks at the same time. It may sound crazy, but I enjoy the shopping experience so much more since learning about and applying the Grocery Smarts concepts.

Here are a few tips that have helped me in the short time I've been Grocery Smarts shopping:

1. Know your needs in advance of the sales.
Keep a list on your refrigerator or somewhere convenient. When your stock is getting low, put that item on the list. Of course it's better if you can replenish before your completely out of something, it gives you more leeway when watching for a sale. If you must buy a necessity when you don't have a coupon or it is not on sale, buy only as much as you need to get you by until you can buy the item the right way -- on sale and with a coupon. Refer to your list as you're planning your shopping trip.

2. Be patient.
While I was building my coupon collection as a 'newbie', I was sometimes frustrated at the limited number of coupons I had on stock. Don't sweat it. In time, those coupons will accumlate. Slowly but surely, your shelves will fill with the items you need and you'll feel the satisfaction of saving money while meeting the needs of your family.

3. Stick to your list.
Once in the store, don't be swayed to make frivolous purchases. Know what you want, get what you need and only what you need, and the savings will happen.

4. Take the store ad with you.
I try to circle things on the ad that match up to the items on my list. If I ever have a question about the specifics, I don't have to waste time trying to find it on the circular. You know what it's like . . . sometimes there are so many items listed you're eyes get sore searching! But never fear! If you forget to take yours from home, you can usually pick one up at the front of the store.

5. If you can't find something . . . ASK a store employee!
There have been times when I have searched and searched and not found the sale item. Occasionally the store has not had the sale item in stock. Ask for help. Store personnel have even offered to make substitutions for me! You will never know what the possibilities are if you don't ask. Most importantly -- ask POLITELY. The grocery clerks at the stores in my neighborhood know I am a couponer. Because I make it a point to always treat them with respect, they have done the same for me.

And last of all, enjoy the experience! I hope you'll feel the sense of accomplishment as you recognize what little time you are spending in planning your shopping trips is paying off in huge savings.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just a Quick Trip to Smiths!

Spent $46.16
Saved $72.10 (61%)
Okay, so you know I already made a grocery run to Albertsons this week and saved some big bucks, but I couldn't resist a trip to Smiths to pick up a few items I needed there, too. By far, my greatest savings came with the pork loin roasts. I bought three of them for about $5 each. Can't beat that price! I'm looking forward to putting them in the crock pot for some yummy pulled pork. I love crock pot cooking because I can get dinner done early in the day and not worry about it when my day is particularly busy. So I saved money buying the roasts and I'll save time cooking them. A good deal all around.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Albertsons Deals 10/14 thru 10/20


Albertson's has come back this week with some more fantastic buys! There are some great five star deals you'll have to check out; but be sure you don't miss the General Mills promo. You'll save $10 on your next shopping trip when you buy $25 in participating products. So many five stars . . . too many to mention. You'll have to check it out for yourselves at the Grocery Smarts website. Okay, so I'll mention a few: Betty Crocker - snack items and potatoes; Chex mixes; General Mills cereals; Green Giant vegetables; Pillsbury biscuits, cookies and rolls; Progresso soups; and Yoplait yogurt and Go-gurts.

Of course the secret to maximizing your savings is in using the multiple coupons you're getting in your Sunday newspaper inserts. Not getting multiple Sunday newspapers? Call me for a great deal. You can also find extra printables thanks to our Grocery Smarts listmaker who searches out all the great coupons available for our convenience.
I'm headed to the store today. I'll update later and let you know how it goes!


Total value: $255.42, Total Out of Pocket: $79.28
Total Savings: $176.14
69% Savings Overall

Here's how it went:
1st order: 10 Go-gurts
Total: $37.90
Preferred savings: 6.00
Big Relief price cut savings: $6.90
Coupon savings: 6.20
Albertsons 10% keytag savings: 2.03
Total OOP: 16.77
+ Plus received $10.00 to be used on future order
2nd order: 2 boxes Fiber One cereal
6 boxes Golden Grahams
5 boxes Betty Crocker specialty potatoes
1 can Green Giant corn
Total: $46.76
Preferred Savings: 13.67
Big Relief price cut savings: $8.00
Coupon savings: 16.00
Albertsons 10% keytag savings: 2.51
Total OOP: $6.58
+Plus received $10.00 to be used on future order
3rd order: 4 Progressive Broth
4 cans Green Giant corn
4 cans Green Giant green beans
2 Pillsbury Orange Danish refrig. rolls
4 Green Giant frozen steamer vegetables
Total: $42.64
Preferred Savings: 16.03
Big Relief price cut savings: 1.65
Coupon savings: 14.00
Albertsons 10% keytag savings: 2.50
Total OOP: $8.46
+ Plus received $10.00 to be used on future order
4th order: 3 Betty Crocker Warmers
6 Progressive Broth
2 Pillsbury Grand refrig. biscuits
2 Pillsbury crescent rolls
3 Go-gurt
Total: $41.37
Preferred Savings: 13.12
Big Relief price cut savings: 1.80
Coupon savings: $15.55
Albertsons 10% keytag savings: 2.65
Total OOP: $8.25
+Plus received $10.00 to be used on future order
and $2.50 from the GoGurt purchases
5th order: 2 loaves Orowheat Bread
Albertsons string cheese (24)
6 Marie Callendars frozen entrees
2 Crest toothpaste
2 Ground Turkey
1 Beef Roast
1 Iceberg lettuce
3.48 lbs Honeycrisp apples
Total: $86.75
Preferred Savings: 19.51
Big Relief Price cut savings: $5.30
Coupon Savings: 17.00
Albertsons 10% keytag savings: 5.72
Total OOP: 39.22
I divided my cart into multiple orders to trip the General Mills $10 rebate when you purchase $25 in listed items. I shopped mid-morning when traffic at the store was light so I'm less of an intrusion for other shoppers -- although my savings almost always draws the attention of other shoppers in line behind me. I used each of my $10 credits on the order that followed (it shows up in the coupon total).
To explain, in early September I received an Albertsons keytag in the mail. It was a random mailing, not associated with my Albertsons preferred card. The mailer was addressed to "Resident." Anytime I shop Albertsons I use the keytag for additional savings through October 31st!
Sorry for the long post . . . but I just wanted to mention that my renewal for my multiple newspaper subscriptions is due this month. Can I just tell you that the savings realized on this shopping trip alone would have paid my renewal fee over . . and over . . .and over again!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Smokin' Albertson's Deals!

I Spent $110.82, Saved $152.00

I just got back from a VERY successful Albertson's trip. Sorry there's no picture. But you'll find some great Quaker deals and some other Mix and Match promos where you'll receive savings instantly on your order (no receipt vouchers to use on your next shopping trip) so you won't have to roll you orders. When you add your multiple coupons to the instant savings promos -- that equals amazing savings! Sale is on through next Tuesday night.