Thursday, May 19, 2011

$75 Holiday Inn Express Rebate

Get a $75 prepaid Mastercard when you stay two weekend nights at a Holiday Inn Express or other qualifying hotels between May 16-August 31 2011. Here’s how the deal works:

Go to InterContinental Hotel Groups website and register for a free account.
Book a qualified stay with two consecutive weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) nights at business or leisure rates.  (Discounted room rates do not qualify.)  You check HERE to see if there is a hotel in your destination zip code area. Then book online or contact the hotel directly.
Presubmit your rebate HERE.  After your stay, mail the completed form plus copy of your hotel bill and registration page to the address provided.

Do you still have questions?  Check HERE to read the Terms and Conditions and the Frequently Asked Questions HERE.


  1. I don't watch TV and was unaware of this offer until I was staying at the Holiday Inn Express on saw it on TV while I was there. I am disappointed to find that I am not eligible for the rebate because I didn't register prior to my stay. No discount was available and I paid a lot for the room. A $75 rebate would have been nice.

  2. i agree, we had no idea this was available, had a horrible stay in El Paso and this would have helped ease the night with no sleep alot.

  3. I agree with the prior two comments; it would've been great for Holiday Inn to have informed the public of this offer prior to booking. Cat and mouse games with rebates annoy me, but $75 off is amazing. Just register prior to staying or if it's too late for that, stay again for a two night getabway

  4. Sign up for their email notifications they send all information regarding offers. I have an email address for all the hotels I stay at while on the road.

  5. Incredibly disappointing - they don't tell you that not all hotels that are advertised as a Hilton Hotel are eligible for the rebate. They wait until you stay and then submit your information to tell you that its an invalid hotel.
    Even with my credit card bill listing the hotel as "Hilton Hotel" they are still not sending my rebate.
    Incredibly disappointing - I will try for the rest of my life not to stay at any of this hotel chains hotels. And to think I put up with a crabby receptionist at the hotel as well.