Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Groupon - 50% Off Quiznos Subs

One of today's Groupon deals is for 50% off Quiznos sandwiches!  You'll buy a voucher for 8 regular sub sandwiches (retail value of $51.92) for just $26.  There is a limit of one per person but you can buy one as a gift also.  Take your voucher to Quiznos before July 4th and you'll get your punchcard for 8 sub sandwiches.  The great part is that the punchcard never expires!  Make sure to purchase the deal in YOUR city as all sandwiches need to be purchased using the punchcard at the same location where you redeem your voucher.

Psst!  Save an additional $2.60 when you buy your Groupon through Ebates and earn that 10% cash rebate!

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